Leading Financial Services Company Partners with Firefly Consulting in Lean Six Sigma for Services


A Fortune 500 banking institution with an existing Lean Six Sigma program was suffering from low interest in continuous improvement. Certification follow through was poor and leadership struggled to allow staff to take off time for training. Overall satisfaction ratings for current training and development were receiving average to poor ratings. A fresh approach was needed to realign with the organizational focus on being an operationally excellent and well-managed organization.


Our instructors immediately took overall average ratings for training to exceptional levels. The institution then asked for us to lead a total revamping of material and approach that strengthened content, made the training more interactive, and also helped to meet the need of leadership time commitment. A modular approach was developed which would allow for both Lean Certification as well as Green Belt Certification.


The new approach allowed staff to choose their level of certification (BPM, Lean, Green Belt). Once Firefly assumed all training, the organization’s Black Belts were able to focus on leading significant projects and providing coaching support. Demand remains high, requiring additional classes and waiting lists for all levels of training.

Certification rates have more than doubled, leading to significant improvement in customer satisfaction and major gains in cost reduction.

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