Julaine Calhoun

Julaine joined Firefly Consulting in 2012, bringing over 20 years of experience in customer service, finance, outside sales, and office management.

Proactive and forward-thinking in her work with Firefly Consulting, Julaine treats each client interaction as an opportunity to build productive and positive experiences. In her role, she works alongside the Firefly Team to provide on-demand logistical support, event planning, and administrative support. She serves as the primary point of contact for the company and is known for her multi-dimensional, flexible, and meticulous approach.

Her life experiences have been as diverse as her professional career. Among those, highlights have included: working as a vocalist on a weekly television show in Los Angeles, singing background on an album by Gene Simmons from the rock band Kiss, and being employed in the Central American Country of Belize for eight years overseeing a variety of humanitarian projects.

In Austin, Julaine continues her humanitarian involvement, serving people with intellectual and physical disabilities as president of the Friends of State Supported Living Center. She also volunteers with other organizations serving the local disabled community.

Julaine is intentional about bringing the same service-oriented, artistic, and adventuresome spirit that has served her so well in other endeavors to everything she does at Firefly.

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Citrus College
AA English Literature, Music

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