Lisa Custer, PhD

Lisa brings decades of global experience in designing and implementing continuous improvement programs based on multiple methodologies – Lean Six Sigma, Design, Total Productive Maintenance, Lean, and Quality Systems. She has worked with numerous clients to drive program success and brings considerable insight to building sustainable improvement cultures.

Comfortably working closely with senior leaders and front-line staff, Lisa partners with clients to drive significant results in support of corporate objectives. She has served numerous organizations in the design and implementation of operational improvement initiatives that increase customer satisfaction, deliver significant financial benefits, and build capability in their associates.

Lisa is a frequently invited speaker at major industry gatherings as an expert in Six Sigma, Lean, and Design for Lean Six Sigma. She has used that expertise to train and mentor over 1500 senior leaders, Black Belts, Green Belts and Kaizen Leaders around the world.

Publications and Insights


  • Colorado State University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
    BME Mechanical Engineering
  • Certified Master Black Belt
  • American Society for Quality
    Management, Lean and Innovation Divisions
  • American Statistical Association
    Past Secretary, Quality and Productivity Division
  • Total Productive Maintenance
    JIPM Certified TPM Instructor
  • Arizona Governor’s Award for Quality
    Auditor, based on Malcolm Baldridge criteria


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Minitab Insights 2019

Minitab Insights 2019

October 8–11, 2019
Leesburg, VA

"Best Practices in Lean Six Sigma: Highlights from the Benchmarking Study"
Kristine Nissen Bradley