Corporate SG&A Assessment Positions Leading Company for Future Growth


A $3.5B company was looking to position their company for future growth, as well as energizing their continuous improvement program. Specifically, they wanted to decouple the growth curve of the business with the cost curve of their SG&A spend at headquarters. The company had consistently won ethics awards and wanted to manage costs in a way that aligned to their values and the company’s entrepreneurial spirit.


The scope of the assessment included areas that reported to the CFO, such as accounting, finance, IT and treasury, along with various support functions, such as HR, legal, and continuous improvement. Operations support and field groups were also included. The assessment approach included interviews, value stream mapping, data analysis, and comparison with external benchmarks.


Recommendations included a reorganization, creation of centers of excellence, and a shift in technology strategy. The team also identified 50+ process improvement opportunities for the continuous improvement team. The top ten continuous improvement projects had a value of greater than $10M.

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