Business Process Management provides the tools that every business needs to manage the processes that drive value for the business and for its customers. It is a methodology to empower employees to lead change, focus on the customer, and improve the business by identification, documentation and control of a company’s strategic, critical processes.

The process mastery embedded in BPM will serve an organization well no matter what its strategic goals or operational challenges. It can be implemented separately, or in support of a Lean Six Sigma initiative. Our standard training agenda is provided, below, and we are happy to customize the course to meet the needs of your business.

Training Course

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Training Feedback

Exactly what we need as a management team.  

– Director of Technology, Technology Manufacturer


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Business Process Management and Lean Six Sigma

Business Process Management and Lean Six Sigma

International Lean Six Sigma Conference Presentation


Operations Consulting

We have consulting experience with engagements as diverse as mergers and acquisitions, operations strategy, supply chain acceleration, shop-floor process improvements, and call center efficiency improvement.



Assessments are customized to meet your goals, leveraging our frameworks and knowledge of best practices from years of industry experience. Recent work has been in financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and supply chain.

Lean Six Sigma World Conference

LSS World Conference

March 24-25, 2021 | Orlando, FL
Kristine Nissen Bradley
"Easing Into Big Data: From Logistic Regression to CART"
Kimberly Watson-Hemphill
"Data Visualization – The Power of Storytelling"