Would your company benefit from more efficient and effective processes, better on-time delivery, increased capacity, reduced inventory, or lower costs? Perhaps now is the time to implement the best practices of Lean Manufacturing.

Whether you're in growth mode or in a turnaround environment, at a large established manufacturer or in private equity, our experienced team can deliver. We have consulting experience with engagements as diverse as mergers and acquisitions, operations strategy, assessments, supply chain acceleration, shop-floor process improvements, training, and Kaizen events.

Sample Client Results

  • Manufacturing – 40% reduction in cycle time
  • Supply Chain – 50% increase in capacity
  • Assessment – $300M opportunity in inventory reduction

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Oil and Gas Company Improves Manufacturing

Oil & Gas Company Improves Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Quality

An oil & gas manufacturer was struggling to keep pace in the up-and-down energy market.

Kaizen Leader Training

Foundations of Lean Training

Are the Lean tools what you need to take your business to the next level?

Lean is a great starting point on a continuous improvement journey. It is practical and results oriented, but it isn't difficult.

Kaizen Leader Training

Kaizen Leader Training

Deliver Rapid Business Results with our Kaizen Leader Training

Nine Essential Activities for Building a Robust Quality Management System
Accelerating Private Equity Results with Operational Excellence
Make vs. Buy: Steering Clear of the Death Spiral

Make vs. Buy: Steering Clear of the Death Spiral

Avoid common pitfalls in manufacturing cost analysis.