An increasing focus of our work has been assessments, in support of a broad range of client objectives. We’ve helped companies significantly reduce costs and scale for rapid growth. Other companies have re-imagined their innovation processes or launched a journey to world class quality. Some clients have been on a continuous improvement journey for many years and others want to get started now. Recent assessment work has been in multiple industries, including financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and supply chain.

Each assessment is customized to meet the goals of the client, but leverages our frameworks and knowledge of best practices from many years of experience in industry and consulting.

Sample Client Results

Company Assessment Type Results
High-Growth Manufacturing Operational Assessment Improved capacity, accelerated supply chain
Financial Services M&A Due Diligence, Post-Close Integration Reduced operational expenses, scaled processes for growth, consolidated locations
Healthcare Operational Assessment

Reduced operational expenses, improved patient/provider experience, developed staffing models

Berkshire Hathaway Company Innovation Asssessment

Improved NPD processes, tools, methods, creativity. Developed innovation leaders

Manufacturing Quality Management System

Developed roadmap to world-class quality

Lean Six Sigma Deployment Lean Six Sigma

Identified high-value projects, developed deployment roadmap

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