Is your organization interested in rapid results with Kaizen? The Lean methodology of Kaizen uses rapid improvement events to diagnose problems and leverage Lean best practices to immediately implement solutions. The Kaizen philosophy engages the individuals doing the daily work in the improvement, thus increasing buy in, and generating a culture of continuous improvement.

This training prepares students to lead Kaizen events. Our Kaizen Leader course covers the basics of Lean, with practical examples for both manufacturing and service environments. It does not require any prerequisites or software besides Microsoft Word and Excel. We recommend delivering Kaizen Leader as a two-week course, so that our facilitators can lead a mini-Kaizen each week as a part of the training, for additional cycles of learning and immediate impact.

Kaizen Leader Agenda

Week 1

  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Introduction to Lean
  • Project Charter
  • Key Lean Concepts
  • Transactional Lean Time Simulation
  • 5S
  • Document and Analyze the Process (Value Stream Mapping)
  • Introduction to Kaizen and Quick Improvement
  • Process Flow Improvement
  • In-Class Mini-Kaizen Event

Week 2

  • Core Simulation Round 1
  • ABC Stratification
  • Changeover Reduction
  • Core Simulation Round 2
  • TPM
  • Replenishment Pull Systems
  • Mistake Proofing
  • Visual Control Methods
  • Core Simulation Round 3
  • In-Class Mini-Kaizen Event

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Training Feedback

Very well presented. Instructors obviously were experienced in teaching the material and actually practicing the method in real industry situations. Thanks.

– Kaizen Leader, High Growth Manufacturing Company


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