Oil and Gas Services Company Improves Quality and Increases Reliability


A Fortune 500 oil and gas services company wanted to bring new products to market more quickly and increase the quality, reliability and maintainability of its product lines. In addition, they wanted to increase the velocity of their supply chain and improve working capital.


The company implemented a global program including Lean Six Sigma and Design. This improved the development process, ensured better communications between marketing, engineering, and operations, and provided the engineers with tools to create designs that satisfied customers. Specific projects focused on technical readiness, portfolio optimization, improved reliability and manufacturability, improved product testing, and inventory and cycle time reduction. Over 100 engineers were trained in Lean Six Sigma and Design tools, increasing their capabilities. Operational associates were trained in Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen.


The projects solved long-standing customer issues, improved technical readiness, increased reliability, enhanced quality, improved working capital, and were executed much more quickly than the organization previously thought possible. The program has been completely internalized and has greater than an annual 10X ROI.

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