Oil and Gas Company Improves Manufacturing, Warehousing, Quality, and New Product Development


An oil and gas manufacturer was struggling to keep pace in the up-and-down energy market and to meet its own manufacturing standard rates. They are capacity constrained in their existing manufacturing plants and will be moving to a completely new facility. Our team was brought in to implement Lean in the current plants and help optimally design the new facility.


After a brief assessment, projects were launched on the lines, in the warehouse, and with some design engineering teams. Projects include:

  • Redesigning the assembly lines to improve efficiencies and increase capacity by 25%
  • Implementation of pull systems, improving availability to ship and reducing late deliveries
  • Freeing up 6% of the warehouse space and eliminating $2M in excess inventory
  • Implementing a new Quality Management System. Currently experiencing a 15-20% manufacturing reject rate on one of the highest volume products
  • New product development. Engineering personnel were trained on Design for Lean Six Sigma methods, and are being mentored on the application of these tools in the design of several new products
  • The Firefly team works in partnership with the VP of Engineering and VP of Manufacturing for high-level direction. Improvements are implemented in partnership with the appropriate floor/engineering personnel, often using a Kaizen approach.


Program is on track for the new facility. $7M in labor savings was identified in improved warehousing, assembly, and material handling. New lines improved production rate by 25%.

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