Our experience includes large high-volume manufacturers, smaller job shops, mid-market companies, and turnarounds with private equity ownership. We’ve also worked extensively in warehousing and distribution. Industries include automotive, aerospace, defense, chemicals, packaging, oil and gas, paper, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, medical products, and construction.

Typical consulting projects include capacity improvements, cost reductions, quality improvements, efficiency increases, and helping companies scale for growth. We often begin with an assessment, to identify the most impactful opportunities. Additionally, we offer training programs to develop internal capability, including Lean, Kaizen Leader, and Lean Six Sigma.

Sample Client Results

  • Manufacturing – 40% reduction in cycle time. Developed new quality strategy.
  • Supply Chain – 50% increase in capacity. 20X ROI Lean Six Sigma program.
  • Assessment – $300M opportunity in inventory reduction. 25% reduction in time-to-market for new products.

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Make vs. Buy: Steering Clear of the Death Spiral

Make vs. Buy: Steering Clear of the Death Spiral

Avoid common pitfalls in manufacturing cost analysis.


Operations Consulting

We have consulting experience with engagements as diverse as mergers and acquisitions, operations strategy, supply chain acceleration, shop-floor process improvements, and call center efficiency improvement.



Assessments are customized to meet your goals, leveraging our frameworks and knowledge of best practices from years of industry experience. Recent work has been in financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and supply chain.