Is there any other industry where the outcome is as important as human health? Across the healthcare industry, uncertainty defines the landscape, and yet expectations for consumer-centric delivery and performance are rising.

We understand the complexity of today's healthcare environment. Our experience covers, but is not limited to: hospitals and medical clinics, insurance and managed care, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, manufacturing, home health, government, and hospice.

Our services include assessments, consulting, data analysis, and continuous improvement programs designed to engage employees and drive results. Whether your goal is improvements in patient care, customer satisfaction, quality, or cost reduction, our experienced team can deliver.

Sample Client Results

  • Health Care Claims – Improved efficiency by 50%, lowered penalties and interest by 40%, increased provider satisfaction
  • Diagnostics and Lab Services – $1.26M saved in operations center
  • Pharmaceuticals – Improved health outcomes while realizing a $40M annual impact
  • Insurance – Managed healthcare plan realizes over 10X ROI, annually, with continuous improvement program

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Simulation Modeling: Understanding Uncertainty Leads to Better Decision Making

Simulation Modeling: Understanding Uncertainty Leads to Better Decision Making

Learn how Monte Carlo simulation is providing insights into health care improvement.

Published in Quality Management Forum, 2020.


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