Do you work for a services company that doesn’t manufacture physical products?

Are you from finance, accounting, human resources, customer service, IT, procurement, sales, marketing, engineering, logistics, or another transactional area of the business?

You need a Lean Six Sigma program designed especially for you. Our team has significant experience developing and delivering Lean Six Sigma programs for non-manufacturing companies, including retail, financial services, healthcare, logistics, and hospitality.

Contact our team to learn more about Lean Six Sigma for Services.


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Introduction to Lean Six Sigma for Services

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma for Services

The World’s Most Effective Business Improvement Process

Lean Six Sigma for Services Green Belt Agenda

Lean Six Sigma for Services Green Belt Training

Our unique format makes it easy to learn and easy to teach


Operations Consulting

We have consulting experience with engagements as diverse as mergers and acquisitions, operations strategy, supply chain acceleration, shop-floor process improvements, and call center efficiency improvement.

ASQ World Conference

ASQ World Conference

May 3–6, 2020 | Columbus, OH

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"Data-Driven Insights with Monte Carlo Simulation" Chuck Cox